Land Transport Excellence Award 2016 - Car-Lite Champion

We are delighted to have been awarded the Car-Lite Champion, an inaugural Land Transport Excellence Award by Land Transport Authority (LTA) in Nov 2016.


This award recognizes companies that have implemented and effected car-lite initiatives in the organization and/or society.


A few little known facts about us:

* None of us in Mighty Velo owns a car. We take the MRT, bus or a cab (shared transport) and walk, scoot or jog to work.


Some of us take the train halfway and walk home, some of us scoot to a dinner place, some cycle, some share a cab.


We do car-lite everyday, for the past ten years.


Every confirmed employee gets to customize his or her very own Brompton and ride it as his own.


We also have office shower facilities for us to take a shower after a long walk, scooting, cycling or a jog!


We first mooted the original scheme that allowed folding bikes into public transport during off peak hours.


And we are happy that after ten years, we are now able to let foldies and e-scooters and PMDs into public transport at all hours!



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