LTA registration-compliant




• Weighs 16 kg (includes two Super Batteries)

• Max speed 25 km/hr

• Max distance range 25 km (tested with a 85 kg male)

• Fold and unfold in seconds

• Telescopic handlebars (for riders between 1.2 m to 2 m tall)

• Three wheels for extra stability and easy balance

• Immotor GO App-enabled

• 3G network with Bluetooth connectivity

• Two-hour fast charging mode

• 350 watt front wheel brushless hub motor


Accessories included (worth $75):


• Phone holder

• Protective sleeve for GO

• Protective handlebar grips

Ergonomic Design

IMMOTOR GO's ergonomic handlebar features easy access to all controls,

including the camera on your smartphone.

Highly Intelligent

IoT features on par with a luxury vehicle.


Smart Technology

IMMOTOR's Super Battery is a game changer.


Versatile Power

The TSA-compliant Super Batter can power

your smartphone and other electronic devices

through an AC plug invert

(Sold separately).


Swappable Power

Modular power source that can easily be

swapped out and charged on a separate

dual charging dock or in the GO device.


The IMMOTOR app functions as a key when paired with your GO and

can also activate anti-theft feature, preventing someone from using it

without your permission.


You can even track your GO via GPS, set speed and perimeter limits

and grant remote access to a friend.


Test ride the IMMOTOR GO 2

Learn more about the IMMOTOR GO 2


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